Seaweed liquid fertilizer


liquid seaweed is great nourishment for plants but is different from most N P K fertilizer treatments. In fact seaweed only contains a little K – potassium, but it has many other minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that are natural growth stimulants. Many of these are not found elsewhere. These nutrients fuel the plant cells’ growth, and this results in healthier, stronger, and more disease-resistant plants. Expect an increased uptake of nutrients from the soil, better resistance to frost and other stress conditions, increased resistance to pests, and best of all, increased yield!

function and benefits:
• Controlling and balancing the growth of plant, preventing excessive growth of branches,decreasing pruning.

• Improving the growth of leaves and the photosynthesis,which is good for nutrient accumulation, trans-portion and storage.

• Promoting budding and flowering, decreasing, preventing bud, flower and fruit decreasing and abnormal fruit, small fruit and rotten fruit.

• Promoting to keep good shape, bright and colorful peel,high sugar content, and long-term storage.

• Reducing little leaves,yellow leaves, arbuscular, fruit shrink, bitter pit, pit and other physiological diseases occurrence caused by nutrient deficiency.

• Repellent effect of sucking insects, reduce spread of the virus caused by worms, phytoplasma and bacterial diseases.

• Adjusting soil pH, improve soil physical structure, keep moisture and fertility, be conducive to the growth of microorganism.

Appearance : Dark Brown Liquid

Direction: 10 ml per liter of water
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Seaweed liquid fertilizer