Green Soil Trichoderma 350 grm



  • Bio-Fertilizer: Prepared from solid fermentation of eco-friendly, plant growth-promoting Trichoderma harzianum strain.
  • Root Enhancement: Soil application fosters increased root hairs and deep roots, expanding the absorptive surface area.
  • Disease Control: Combats common plant diseases like root rot, damping off, wilt, fruit rot, and more.
  • Nematode Resistance: Induces resistance against nematodes, improving plant vigor and vitality.
  • Nutrient Uptake: Boosts nutrient, water, and photosynthesis uptake, enhancing overall plant health.

Sudden Death of Trees: A Looming Threat

  • Chemical Impact: Chemical usage and overwatering deplete natural fungi and bacteria that protect roots, inviting harmful fungi attacks.
  • Greensill Solution: Trichoderma, a fungus, controls pests, diseases, and accelerates plant growth.
  • Immunity Builder: Builds immunity against pathogenic bacteria, promoting root and branch growth.
  • Protective Barrier: Forms a protective trap around harmful fungi, preventing plant diseases.
  • Nutrient Transport: Produces organic acids facilitating the uptake of essential minerals like magnesium, iron, and manganese, which are often deficient in soil.

How to Use Green-Soil:

For Preventive Measures in Gardens:

  • Apply one to two bars of Green-Soil Trichoderma per year to protect roots from diseases.

For Large Trees:

  • Use one box (350gm) for 10 to 20 trees.
  • Mix the powder with water, spread it on tree bark, and water for a few days.

For Victims of Sudden Death/Die Back:

  • Remove soil near roots, add rotted dung.
  • Mix Green-Sill in water, sprinkle, and add soil.
  • Keep soil moist for twenty days.
  • Avoid using chemicals or poisons.
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Green Soil Trichoderma 350 grm