Epsom Salt 800 grm



  • Nutrient Uptake: Facilitates the absorption of essential nutrients, including magnesium and sulfur, vital for plant development.
  • Chlorophyll Production: Supports the creation of chlorophyll, the green pigment crucial for photosynthesis.
  • Blossom and Fruit Formation: Encourages the production of vibrant blooms and bountiful fruits.
  • Stress Relief: Alleviates stress caused by nutrient imbalances, adverse weather conditions, or transplant shock.

Application Guidelines:

For Vegetable & Herb Gardens:

  • New Gardens: Apply 1-2 tbsp. per 100 square feet, blending it thoroughly into the top 3 inches of soil.
  • New Transplants: Incorporate 1-2 tsp. per planting hole, mix it into the soil, and water thoroughly.
  • Established Plants: Side dress with 1-2 tbsp. per plant, adjusting the quantity based on plant size and nutrient requirements, every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.

For Containers:

  • New Plantings: Mix 1-2 tsp. per gallon of soil, ensuring even distribution.
  • Established Plants: Lightly blend 1-2 tsp. into the soil surface every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.

For Trees & Shrubs:

  • Existing Trees & Shrubs: Spread 1 lb. per 1 inch of trunk diameter around the base, extending out to the drip line. Mix it into the soil surface and water thoroughly.
  • New Trees: Prepare a transplant hole and mix 1-2 cups of Epsom Salt with the backfill soil. Utilize the amended soil for filling around the new tree and water well.

Epsom Salt – Your Plant’s Wellness Companion:

Elevate your gardening game with Epsom Salt, the natural solution for vibrant, healthy plants. Whether you’re nurturing a thriving vegetable garden, herb patch, or majestic trees, Epsom Salt empowers your plants to reach their full potential. Unlock the secret to lush foliage, prolific blooms, and abundant harvests with this essential nutrient booster. Trust in Epsom Salt for a greener, more bountiful garden.

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Epsom Salt 800 grm