BLOOM (Foliar spray)


BLOOM (Foliar spray)

Ingredients  : It is a Natural Plant Food effective for vigorous growth of plants and is made from Essences of Long lived trees Cedar, Cypress , Pines , Plantain as well as from many Medicinal Herbs as phyto Enzymes . It is safe and Harmless. It is perfect for organic and reduces chemical cultivation.

Better For  : It can be used to good effect by anybody who enjoys growing virtually any kind of plant from farmers and farm business operators to kitchen gardeners , Horticulturists and garden hobbyists . It is so easy to use . All you have to do is dilute it with water and then spray it on plants as advised.

Result : If you use this product , You will achieve larger harvests , which adds up to an overall reduction of Growing Cost .

Uses  : It is product that can be used for all Grain Crops , Oil Crops , Fruits , Vegetables and Tuber Crops . Please see the section below for more detail.


  • Increase the Yield and Quality of Crop .
  • Induce early and uniform profuse flowering.
  • Control Pre- Harvest fall of Flowers , unripe and Enlarge Fruit
  • It also strengthen the fruit Quality.
  • It improve fruit taste and color.
  • It is best Nutrient for Plants .


  • It is recommended in all Crops like Cotton , Wheat , Rice , Maize , Sugarcane , Mustard , Barely , all Pulses .
  • All Vegetables like Cucumber , Tomato , Potato , Onion , Green Chili , Cabbage , Okra , Bitter Gourd , and all other summer as well as winter vegetables .
  • All Fruit Orchids like Mango , Olive , Papaya , Apricot , Orange ,Grapes , Water Mallon , Pomegranate , Dates , and all other fruits of winter and summer .
  • All Tuber Vegetables like Turnip , Reddish , Peanut , Sweet Potato , Garlic etc




For Crops: Dilute 1000 ml with 100 Liter Water

For Fruit Orchid: Dilute 1000 ml with 100 Liter Water

For Vegetable: Dilute 1000 ml with 100 Liter Water



  • Pre – Flowering Stage : ( Just 15 Days before Flowering )
  • Onset of  Flower  Blossom
  • Onset of  Fruit Buds
  • At Fruit  Development  Stage
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BLOOM (Foliar spray)