Alkaline Liquid Detergent


The invention is a new type of cleaning agent for equipment in the dairy industry. The cleaning agents are designed to remove milk fat, protein, and other residues from the inner surfaces of containers, pipelines, and other equipment. The cleaning agents come in two types: acidic and alkaline.

The acidic cleaning agent contains nitric acid, phosphoric acid, an acid chelating agent, and water. The nitric acid and phosphoric acid help to break down the milk residues, while the acid chelating agent helps to remove calcium and other minerals that can contribute to scale buildup.

The alkaline cleaning agent contains sodium hydroxide, an alkaline chelating agent, and water. The sodium hydroxide helps to raise the pH of the solution, which makes it more effective at removing milk residues. The alkaline chelating agent also helps to remove calcium and other minerals.

Both types of cleaning agents are effective at removing milk residues and preventing scale buildup. The choice of which type of cleaning agent to use depends on the specific equipment and the type of milk residue that needs to be removed.

Here is a table that summarizes the composition of the two types of cleaning agents:

Type Component Percentage by mass
Acidic Nitric acid 10-40%
Acidic Phosphoric acid 1-15%
Acidic Acid chelating agent 0.1-1%
Acidic Water 55-85%
Alkaline Sodium hydroxide 14-39%
Alkaline Alkaline chelating agent 0.1-1%
Alkaline Water 60-85%



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Alkaline Liquid Detergent