Mustard Cake


Directions for Use:

  • Pest Repellent: Safeguard plant roots from nematodes, soil grubs, and white ants, thanks to its residual glucosinolate content.
  • Organic Fertilizer: Acts as an eco-friendly fertilizer with natural pesticide properties.
  • Soil pH Balance: Reduces soil acidity by releasing organic acids during decomposition.
  • Microbial Harmony: Enhances soil microbe populations, promoting a thriving rhizosphere and improved soil fertility.

Liquid Formulation:

  • Mixing: Add 2-4 tbsp. per gallon of water and steep for up to 48 hours, agitating periodically.
  • Application: Apply the solution directly to the soil around your plants or filter and use as a foliar spray. Ensure the solution is used once prepared.

For Row Crops/Acreage:

  • Application: Apply 200-400 lbs. per acre based on your crop’s requirements. Incorporate it into the soil 2-3 weeks before planting for optimal results.

For Trees & Shrubs:

  • Application: Spread 1 kg per 1 inch of trunk diameter around the base, extending to the drip line.
  • Mix: Blend it into the soil surface and water thoroughly. For new trees, mix 1-2 cups with backfill soil in the transplant hole, and use amended soil for filling around new trees. Water well.

For Vegetable Gardens & Flower Beds:

  • For New Gardens: Apply 2.5 kg per 100 square feet, mixing thoroughly into the top 3 inches of soil.
  • For New Transplants: Add 1-2 tbsp. per hole, mix it into the soil, and water well.
  • For Established Plants: Side dress with ½ – 1 cup monthly during the growing season, adjusting based on plant size.
  • Mustard Cake – Your Green Garden’s Best Friend!
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Mustard Cake