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  • 800 grm
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Phosphorus’s Vital Role:

  • Root and Bloom Development: Phosphorous, one of the three essential nutrients, aids in root and bloom development, leading to high-quality fruit and flowers.
  • Enhanced Root Development: Phosphorus supports new soil adaptation by boosting root development, ensuring faster, healthier plant growth with improved water and nutrient absorption.

Directions for Use:

  • Bulbs: Add 1 tbsp. per hole for average-sized bulbs, adjust for larger varieties, mix thoroughly into soil, and water well.
  • Containers: For new plantings, mix 1-2 tbsp. per gallon of soil OR add 1 to 2.5 kg per cubic yard. For established plants, lightly blend 1-2 tbsp. per gallon into the soil surface monthly during the growing season.
  • Row Crops/Acreage: Apply 200 to 300 kg per acre based on specific crop needs or required nutrient levels.

Vegetable Gardens & Flower Beds:

  • New Gardens: Apply 1.5-2.5 kg per 100 square feet, mixing thoroughly into the top 3 inches of soil.
  • New Transplants: Add 1-2 tbsp. per hole, mix into soil, and water well.
  • Established Plants: Side dress with 1-2 kg once monthly during the growing season to encourage fruiting and flowering.

Trees & Shrubs:

  • Spread 400 gm. per 2 inches of trunk diameter around the base outward to the drip line.
  • Mix into the soil surface and water well.
  • For new trees, mix 1-2 cups with the backfill soil in the transplant hole, and use amended soil for filling around the new tree. Water well.
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Bone Meal